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THE CONTENT – This May we celebrate the BELTANE – MAYDAY & CAST A SPELL FOR NEW GROWTH/FERTILITY & NEW BEGINNINGS! Each box will feature tools needed for the spells, such as crystals, aromatherapy, jewelry, ornaments, astrology, and spells & basic rituals. Which are beautiful items in themselves. Double the power of your Spell at the Solstice.

THE EVENT – At the specific event time join in on the video link if you so wish, for a group presentation of the ritual. An email reminder will be sent to you with a link. – The video will remain on-line. A printed version on quality paper of the spell is also included in the box.

You’re not tied into a contract, and can cancel your subscription or skip boxes easily.

A limited number of boxes only will be made of each kind. Order now to prevent disappointment. Present Subscribers are guaranteed their box.

Postage – UK postage FREE (international deliveries just £5).

Subscriptions – are Every 6 Weeks i.e. 8 Events in The Wheel Of The Year, you pay £29.99 now, and £29.99 6 weeks before the next event. (Cancel Anytime)

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