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Samhain (Summer's End) Double the power of your Protection spell or Ritual for Samhain: Halloween, All Hallows Eve, In Scottish Gaelic, it is defined as Hallowtide - October 31st


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Join in at this auspicious time in a ritual and spell to enhance Samhain/Halloween & Double the power of your protection spell.


1x pack Fairy Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine

1x Pentagram Wand

1x Purple Spell Candle

1x Black Pentagram Spell Candle Holder

1x Pentagram Bracelet with Black Cord

1x Purple Feather

1x Ritual & Spell Scroll

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Samhain falls on October 31st. It is the night when we honour our ancestors, in Pagan traditions especially, as it is when the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its most fragile. It is also a time when Fairies are particularly active during this time, the close of harvest and the start of the winter season. To the Celts, in pagan times Samhain was known as the feast of the dead.  A time of the Snow Goddess - Feile Moingfinne. It is The Feast of All Souls. Sam + Fuin which means the end of summer.

Food: Nuts, Pumpkin, apples (cut crosswise, reveals the five-pointed star, or pentacle at its core, a symbol of the Goddess), mulled wine, cider, grain, root vegetables, pomegranate, doughnuts,
Herbs: mugwort, wormwood, acorn, rosemary.

Incense: Copal, sandalwood, sweetgrass.
Colours: Black (for endings), orange, purple.
Decorations: Pinecone, Oakleaf,
Animals: Black cats, jack o 'lantern, ghosts, scarecrows, the waning moon and bats!


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On the 31st October, we celebrate Samhain | Halloween. This offering features tools needed for the spell and basic ritual for Protection. The contents are handpicked to help create and maintain a practice that fits the event, and on such a powerful day it can't but help increase its power.

Each item has been blessed at my altar, with a clear mind & a full heart, to bring forth your heart's desire.

A printed version on quality paper of the spell is also included in the box. Plus a description of their powers. So on our day of celebration we will :-

  • First cleanse our space calling in the four directions,
  • Decorate our altar with goods of the season,
  • Burn a Purple candle in our Pentagram designed candle holder, for Protection and to call on our ancestors,
  • We suggest you burn incense to put you in the frame of mind for meditating and we provide a purple feather for you to ritually waft it around your circle to purify,
  • Chant our 'Space cleansing chant' for the spell/ritual,
  • Chant a spell over our pentagram pendant (or your own amulet) for your Protection,
  • Use our purple stone wand to direct the spell and draw in the ancestors. We recommend you Charge your wand in the light of the moon!
  • Ask questions of our Fairy Tarot cards by Radleigh Valentine that we think your ancestors may be able to answer for you.

I look forward to joining you all on this happy celebration.

Purchase our Samhain Spell Gift Box £29.99
UK postage included ( or choose international postage )

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It is a time for Divination when the barriers between the human and supernatural worlds are closest, and when best to use your tarot cards, rune stones, mirrors, swing a pendulum and of course to cast your spells, as Samhain is one of the most potent nights of the year for magic.

It is a time to honour your ancestors, your clan, the people who made you the person you are, by setting up an alter so you can perform your ritual, and show your respects to their memory. It can be ancestors of many years back long-forgotten but you feel their memory should be celebrated. It helps to create a shrine, a place for meditation for this sabbat season, or for all year round that you change as the Wheel of the Year turns.  A place where the spirits of your ancestors may gather undisturbed, where you can meditate and connect with them at this sacred time.

On your alter place trinkets or photographs anything that reminds you of the relative, old friend or even a pet, that helps you focus on them. The alter can be big or small, as long as it can be left undisturbed for as long as you need it, be it in a corner of the room or even on a shelf or fireplace mantel. Where you can meditate and bring your people towards you from through the veil.

It's a good idea to help your ancestors to your shrine by including something that they will be drawn too perhaps something that reminds them of their religion, a family Bible, an altar cloth, ashes, heirlooms or a family tree etc.

If you decide to create a family tree take care over how you design it on quality paper and perhaps put a little symbol by each person that might remind you of them. Anything that helps you focus on the person you want to bring through the veil while it is thin.

It helps to have a designated sacred space by casting a circle. It is to simply create sacred space around the participants, with string, leaves, petals, salt, or other markers. You can also add a symbol of your spirituality, such as a pentagram or some other representation of your beliefs. Your altar is as personal as your spiritual path, so use it to hold the things you value. Also place on it an acorn, the seed of the great Oaktree is an amulet of good fortune to come. Also, the Broom represents sweeping out the old energy and making space for the new.

For children, celebrating Samhain, or Halloween, can be a fun time honouring the final harvest, and the cycle of nature's life and death, with trick or treat, the carving of pumpkins, apple dunking and dressing in costume with face masks etc.

Another activity at this end of season is to create a straw man, this was associated with pagan or druid traditions and he was known as the King of Winter. He can be placed on the altar or over a door to watch over the participants through the winter months. (If you do not have any straw, just bundles of dried plants from your garden will do tied up with string).

After you can celebrate with foods of the season such as toffee apples, apple cider, pumpkin pie, traditional sticky parkin cake or if not ginger cake. A tray of toffee that you crack with a toffee hammer!

Read more about Samhain traditions >>

Purchase our Samhain Spell Gift Box £29.99
UK postage included ( or choose international postage )


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