new moon love spell


New moon love spell

Double the power of your Love Spell with the power of the New Moon - The New Moon Love Spell - to bring you New Love repair an old relationship or put life into your present love life.

Cast your spell on the New Moon to increase the power of your Love Spell, as it is well known that commencing something on the New Moon is the most powerful time of the month.

In this gift we supply a set of Karen Kay 'Oracle of the Fairies' cards so you can ask questions relating to matters of your heart, as we know your heart won't rest until your spell has been fulfilled!!

Included is a Rose Quartz crystal pendulum that can relieve you of all your relationship stress and anxieties. Associated with Venus, the Goddess of love, this gem has a high energetic frequency that’s said to help bring romance into your life. It will relax and soothe your emotions, helping you achieve a more balanced and harmonious love life.

Not only does it encourage self love, it helps draw new love to you, or deepen existing relationships.  A piece of rose quartz will attract new love or renew existing love relationships, depending on your intention. It will make you more sensitive to the needs of your partner, and it will make you more adaptable to the changing situations in your relationship.

It will inspire you to express your feelings of love without fear or hesitation. Also, it will bring clarity to your decision making. When you feel like there’s so much chaos and confusion in your life, Rose Quartz will bring calmness and organization. It will help you make sense of mixed signals and understand strong emotions. It will help you embrace realities and emotions that are difficult to deal with. And it will make you more confident and mature, especially when you need to deal with a tide of emotions. And it will allow the free flow of feelings and help you become more connected to the people you love. There will be harmony in your relationship, and you will be more aware of the beauty of love!

Rose Quartz can heal your wounded emotions and fill you with tranquility. You will be more inspired to be involved with pursuits that make you peaceful and serene. With the guidance of Rose Quartz, there will be more love and peace in your relationship. It will help you control emotions that put you off and remove any kind of burdensome emotion.

Rose quartz has a very healing and soothing vibration. It resonates with love and serenity and can help people to feel more peaceful, heal negative emotions and thought patterns, and additionally attract love and generally positive life experiences.

Cleanse the Rose quartz with natural flowing water, hopefully sea water or river water, if not tap water is fine. Let it charge, hopefully under a full moon, or with the aid of a selenite crystal. Consecrate with your intentions and visualize.

Pink candles, which are ruled by planet Venus, will be your magical aid to attract a new love story into your life or romance into your present relationship. Fix a broken relationship with pink candle Love Magic. A staple in every witch's toolbox.

Stamford Love Angel Incense Cones (12 Cones approx) lift you up with delicately romantic scent and give gorgeous relaxation. The wonderful fragrance is smooth and long-lasting, perfect for love. Romance and intimacy will be aroused with these angelic Stamford Love Angel Incense Cones who carry their aroma of the deepest Red Rose. Light the top tip of your Angel Incense Cone blow it out and wait for it to glow.  Pack of incense cones and metal holder. Burn time 20 minutes approx. per cone.

An Angelic Angel jar to place your secret wishes and affirmations in, and hide or place by your bedside for the magic to work. The writing down of wishes can affirm your intention and give your spells more powers.

Rose petals to create a circle to surround yourself in to seal in the spell to your heart.


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Join in our video with a ritual/spell to enhance the New Moon Love Spell & Double the power at this auspicious time.

Purchase NewMoon Love Spell Gift Box £29.99

Buy this gift for yourself or a friend that you know is looking for love.  This offering features tools needed for the spell and basic ritual to attract New Love repair and old relationship or stimulate a present relationship. Contents are handpicked to help create and maintain a practice that fits the event, and on such a powerful day as the New Moon it can't but help increase its power.

Each item has been blessed at my altar, with a clear mind & a full heart, to bring forth your heart's desire.

A printed version on quality paper of the spell is also included in the box. Plus a description of the crystals and their powers. So on our day of celebration we will :-

  • Decorate our altar,
  • Create a ring of rose petals to seal the spell in the circle.
  • Burn a Pink candle to represent venus the Goddess of Love,
  • Burn our fragrant love Angel incense to represent the Goddess of the flower kingdom,
  • Chant our spell to charge your Rose Quartz crystal under the power of the new moon. It will strengthen your intuition and stimulate your imagination. Known as a romance stone, Rose Quartz can be used to attract love. Put a piece of Rose Quartz by your bedside table, under your bed, or in the relationship corner of a room or home to attract new love or to add trust and re-commitment to existing relationships.
  • To attract love using Rose Quartz and the 'Law of Attraction' takes time. It takes consistency, when you start working with a crystal or an energy of the earth, be consistent. You don't have to go overboard; take seven days and carry it around in your pocket or hold onto it before you go to bed at night.
  • As the crystal is a pendulum you can also ask it questions as I am sure with your heart full of desire you have many to ask.
  • Write your message and put it in your Angel Wishes Jar and chant a spell over it giving you a focal point to manifest your wishes. Especially beneficial if put by your bedside or under your pillow.
  • Read the spell/ritual from the beautifully designed scroll on fine quality paper for you to keep and refer to.
  • In order to answer your questions regarding your relationships included is a set of Karen Kay 'Oracle of the Fairies' cards.

Purchase NewMoon Love Spell Gift Box £29.99

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