Litha summer solstice


litha summer solstice

Double the power of your Health & Wellbeing Spell at the Summer Solstice - The Fire Festival of Litha - A Happy Time of Celebration - Midsummer Festival with Stonehenge Theme.


Stonehenge 2020

Join in at this auspicious time in a ritual and spell to enhance Litha.


1x Stonehenge Oil Burner (Circle of Stones)

1x Honeysuckle Candle

1x Amethyst Pendant (no chain)

1x Black Sage Smudge Stick

1x Small Abalone Shell

1x Pure Patchouli Essential Oil

1x Yellow Candle

1x Ritual & Spell Scroll

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Date: The Summer Solstice occurs sometime between 20 & 22 June in the Northern Hemisphere.
In the Northern hemisphere it is the glorification of the Sun God, and the mythology surrounding the Sun God and the Earth Goddess, the cycle of life. The element of Fire plays a prominent role in this festival representing the Sun. It can burn, consume, cook, shed light or purify and balefires still figure prominently at modern Midsummer rites, with participants of the festival jumping over the fires. The celebration predates Christianity, and existed under different names and traditions around the world.

Decorations: Bonfires, Dried herbs, potpourri, seashells,
summer flowers, and fruits.
Summer Flowers - Sunflowers, Elderflowers & Oak, Oak Leaves,

Incense: Sage, mint, basil, Saint John's Wort, sunflower, Lavender, Sandlewood
Colours: Yellow, green, and blue
Food:  Summer Fruits, Honey, Buttermilk


This June we celebrate the Stonehenge Summer Solstice On-line Event Ritual! This offering features tools needed for the spell and basic ritual for the protection of your Health & Wellbeing. Contents are handpicked to help create and maintain a practice that fits the event, and on such a powerful day it can't but help increase its power.

Each item has been blessed at my altar, with a clear mind & a full heart, to bring forth your heart's desire.

A printed version on quality paper of the spell is also included in the box. Plus a description of the crystals and their powers. So on our day of celebration we will :-

  • Using the Smudging Stick Black Sage to cleanse our space chosen because Scientific research has shown that 94% of the bacteria in the room have been broken down after burning this herb,
  • Decorate our altar,
  • Burn a yellow candle to represent the sun and summer,
  • Burn incense on our Stonehenge circle of stones burner to purify and represent the flower kingdom,
  • Instructions on how to create a crown or wreath of flowers to wear as a celebration and later hang over our doors for protection - so get your flowers & oak leaves together, some ties will be provided,
  • Chant our 'Space cleansing' and 'Solstice spells' for our protection.
  • Chant a spell over our amethyst pendant (or your own amulet) to protect our health - focal point being lungs as the amethyst according to 'The Crystal Bible'  strengthens the 'cleansing' and 'eliminating' organs, the immune system, and also cleanses the blood. It reduces swellings and heals diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract & cellular disorders. Especially beneficial worn over the throat or heart.

I look forward to joining you all on this happy celebration.


Also known as Litha it is the Midsummer Gathering to celebrate the abundance of growth, it is when we have the longest days and the shortest nights and there are long warm summer days with the Sun God at its highest representing the God at full power. It is when the Sun's axis is at its furthest distance away from the equator - in the summer at its most northernmost axis and in the winter its most southern.

The main themes of Litha are abundance, growth, masculine energy, love, magic, celebrating, feasting and dance. The colours can be picked from the hue of summer, which are many, so here are but a few:- yellow, red, green, blue... Natural goods such as dried herbs, potpourri, flowers, seashells all the fruits of nature's labour can be included. The oak tree is also thought to be an important symbol.

Midsummer is the time when the flower Kingdom's scent is at its height. Flowers bloom, Bees make their honey collecting the abundance of pollen. Birds sing, the air is full of the magic of love, joy and fertility.

Stonehenge has long been a focal point of the height of the Celtic Wheel of the Year Solar Events when the days start to grow shorter and the nights draw in earlier. An ancient calendar important to the farming community with the transition of the sun throughout the seasons. The celebration of the Solstices goes back to Neolithic times, at least if we go by what is understood about these ancient stones, when the morning Sun aligns with the inner HorseShoe Trilithon  and the Heel stone at the break of the dawn on Midsummer's day when they play their most significant role.

As bonfires represent the sun at the Solstice festival so does a candle, so we light a candle to mark the celebration.

We burn the smudging stick of herbs to purify the air in all corners, the North, South, East and West, whilst chanting our ritual.

We decorate our altar with the fruits of summer.

It's a time to create amulets for us to charge during our rituals for us to keep on our person or bury them in the ground, and make a wreath to hang over our doors to ensure abundance in all forms.

Purchase Summer Solstice Gift Box £29.99
UK postage included ( or international postage)
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Alternative Summer Solstice Gift
Litha Summer Solstice
Solstice with Rune Stones Gift Box £29.99
UK postage included ( or international postage)

An alternative box that includes the Rune Stones instead of the circle of stones.

1x Pack of Blue Onyx Runes with Pouch - includes a 7-page download of Instructions on how to use for you to print out
1x Honeysuckle Candle
1x Small Abalone Shell
1x Black Sage Smudge Stick
1x Yellow Spell Candle
1 x Blue Feather
1x Ritual & Spell Scroll


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