Sagittarius Gift Box and card

A beautifully boxed gift especially created with Sagittarius in mind. Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, so what would make a better present than the stunning Purple Agate Power Bracelet, a beautiful Amethyst Hamsa Power Bracelet & a pretty Heart Amethyst Pendant, plus a Sagitarrius astrology general profile.

Inside Sagittarius Greeting Card


We can send your gift direct to the recipient with a handwritten card, be it a Birthday or any other kind of occasion.

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1x Crystal Purple Agate Power Bracelet

1x Crystal Amethyst Hamsa Power Bracelet

1x Crystal Heart Amethyst Pendant (no chain)

1x Perfumed Candle

1x Sagittarius Printed Astrology General Profile Scroll

1x Sagittarius Zodiac Card - Josephine Wall

We celebrate the Sun arriving in Sagittarius around the 22nd November which is when the Sagittarius Birthday season starts.  Don't panic we can have your beautifully packaged present dispatched to the recipient the next day, postage takes around 5 days, with a handwritten card designed especially for your favourite Sagittarius person.
All you will need to do is provide us with your message and their address.  Alternatively, we can deliver it to you.


  • A beautiful and striking Crystal Purple Agate Power Bracelet. Purple agate is known for its properties giving energy. For those who are able to wear it, it will help to stay positive and keep an individual's energy stable. It can help improve work efficiency and also allow a person to perform their best at all times.

  • A Crystal Amethyst Hamsa power bracelet, amethyst is believed to enhance memory and improve motivation, Amethyst makes you able to achieve more realistic goals in life. An information card about the crystal Amethyst is also included.


  • A Crystal Amethyst Pendant (without chain). Information card about the crystal Amethyst is also included.

    The Amethyst has its own individual benefits. It is said to have health benefits such as such as being able to help modulate sleep patterns to get a healthy nights sleep and also helping to improve mood. and wearing it is a powerful way to connect with the stone’s energy throughout the day and as you radiate with the energy, you will receive it back.

  • A JASMINE WINGS SOY POT OF FRAGRANCE CANDLE -  Perhaps your Sagittarius friend might like to meditate with this beautiful scented candle

jasmine candle

  • This range of Jasmine soybean candle is presented in a glass jar with a cork lid. has a natural label attached with jute twine.
    The burning time of this soy candle is approximately 20 Hours. When trying to burn your soywax candle for longer period it is important to allow the candle to burn for approximately 2 hours, in the beginning, to allow your candle to create its initial memory burn. This will increase the scent throw and a full melt pool of wax. Always keep the wick in the centre. To prevent your soy wax candle from producing black soot, always trim your wick to ¼ before lighting the candle. Guaranteed 3% fragrance level, long burning and very eco-friendly.
Purchase Sagittarius Gift & Greetings Card £29.99
UK postage included (or choose international postage)


Sagittarius as nature is shaped by its position on the Zodiac wheel. It is also influenced by its inspiring element, fire, the presence of the astrological Centaur and by its special relationship with the planet, Jupiter. The sign of Sagittarius transits from November 22nd to December 21st, it is the ninth sign of the Zodiac.  Sagittarius is the ‘I believe’ sign.

Here are some revealing traits of SAGITTARIUS that explains them perfectly

Sagittarius is the opposite sign to the more mundane sign, Gemini. Sagittarius looks towards the heavens with the conviction that all that is visible or perceptible must be linked by a connective thread. Sagittarians strive to integrate within a larger framework, all the experience and knowledge gathered through the previous signs.

The element of nature that corresponds to Sagittarius is fire. Combustive, reactive and dynamic. Individuals born under the fire signs. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are spontaneous and full of vitality. They rely upon their inspiration and their enthusiasm to get what they want. They are direct and audacious.  No matter what they see life optimistically.

THEY EXUDE SELF-ASSURANCE - They burn up problems with their flames and continue obstinately on their way they exude self-assurance, but also tend to demonstrate little sensitivity towards others. Like people born in the air signs, Gemini Libra, and Aquarius, They express themselves without reservation. However, unlike those of the air signs who think, fire sign people act. Born in the last of the fire signs of the Zodiac, Sagittarian people are less self-centered than their peers of the other fire signs.

INDEPENDENT & OPTIMISTIC - They are very independent and are the most optimistic individuals of the Zodiac. The symbol for Sagittarius is the centaur half Archer and half horse, like Chiron the wise centaur. It's glyph evokes the tendency of the Archer to always point his arrow upward while the more instinctive attitude of the horse focuses on where he plants his hoof.

The Archer types have a broad perspective on life and are in constant pursuit of an ideal. Sagittarian horses on the other hand allow the more animal side of their nature to dominate. They use their charm experience and skills to achieve success in the material world. Due to the position of this sign on the Zodiac wheel, the typical Sagittarian tends to be more closely identified with the Archer than with the horse. The psychic energy of Sagittarius people is masculine and active yang in Oriental tradition. Well, we all possess both masculine and feminine energies. Astrology reveals the predominance of one of them in each sign.  Contrary to the usual one way communication of extroverted people of other masculine signs, Sagittarians maintain an enriching two-way dialogue with the exterior world. They seek and find answers to their questions beyond their personal reference.  They process and amplify their acquired information and transmit it to the outside world. They know that when we give and share, we will in turn receive again. Sagittarians may appear to be the intellectuals of the Zodiac, but they are not. They are only interested in knowledge as a tool to spark their own imaginations and keen intuitions. These traits reflected by Sagittarius can in part, be explained by this sign's, intimate relationship with its ruler planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is the planet of joy, expansion, and grace. When the planets were first assigned positive and negative forces, Jupiter was recognized as the great benefactor of the Zodiac. While the designation of confluences of some planets may have changed from the past, Jupiter to this day, continues to symbolize the most expansive and beneficial of the astral energies. Jupiter reflects the Sagittarian's faith in the generosity of the universe. It projects Sagittarian open-mindedness idealism, love of life, and the spirit of adventure. It illuminates their sense of justice and their ability to identify and take advantage of good opportunities. On the spiritual plane, Jupiter encourages us to believe in the existence of a universal truth that transcends the illusions of our perceived reality.

SAGITTARIUS IN ACTION -  The inner nature of the sign is perceived through the external manifestations of human form and action. Physically, intellectually, and emotionally, each of us bears the signature of our individual celestial disposition. How we look and how we behave at different stages and in different circumstances in our lives is what characterizes us as born in a particular sign.

THE SAGITTARIUS BODY - Astrology finds and the parts of the body connections to the metaphysical world or the Zodiac. Each sign has a physical correspondence. Those links follow a descent from the head and the first sign Aries to the feet and the 12th sign Pisces. These connections are the pillars of medical astrology. Sagittarius as the ninth sign is associated with the hips, the thighs, the liver, and the gallbladder. Jupiter, Sagittarius's is ruling planet, relates to physical purification, growth, clarity, and rapid recovery, that keeps Sagittarians mentally and physically fit. These physical correspondences reflect how healthy and energetic Sagittarians tend to be. Like strong centaurs, they rarely get sick. If they should fall ill and have no choice, but to stay in bed, they will take advantage of the situation by catching up on their reading or doing some research. Sagittarians are usually agile and quick. They have radiant dyes that reflect wisdom are mischievous and have a good sense of humor. They may have a tendency to gain weight as a result of Jupiter's expansiveness. Nothing is perfect. Sagittarians say that they love exercise, but that is not exactly true. There is always an agenda to their choice of sports activities. Be it just to stay in shape, travel to events and competitions or socialize with their exercise buddies. They do not seem to have a preference for any one sport. However, it would seem logical that they would stand out as horsemen, archers, or long-distance runners.

>>> This is a taster of what is on the Sagittarius Astrology Profile Scroll which is 3 x A4 in length.


Sagittarius Zodiac card by Josephine Wall, including inside, and envelope.

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