Samhain – Halloween


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1 Event Gift Box = £29.99
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A limited number of boxes only will be made available for each event.
1x pack Fairy Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine
1x Pentagram Wand
1x Purple Spell Candle
1x Black Pentagram Spell Candle Holder
1x Pentagram Bracelet with Black Cord
1x Purple Feather
1x Ritual & Spell Scroll


For a friend as a gift or that special treat for yourself. You add your message to your friend as you purchase your gift, this will be handwritten on a card insert. If you include their email address an invitation will be emailed to them if they wish to attend the live online video event.

This offering features tools needed for the spells, such as crystals, aromatherapy oils, incense, candles, jewellery, wall hangings, ornaments, tarot, astrology and basic rituals. Contents and supplies are handpicked to help create and maintain a practice that fits each event be it a one-off participation or a regular treat.

Each box will contain 5-10 items to help focus your thoughts and energy on the event featured. Included, a detailed insert of the event with instructions and meditations on how you can join in with the Circle at ritual time via online video.

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