Gemini Gift Box and card

A beautifully boxed gift especially created with Gemini in mind. Gemini is a light air sign, so what would make a better present for them than the beautiful Bluebird Suncatcher Windchime & stunning silver rose quartz pendant, a howlite and rose quartz pendant, a sweet-smelling candle, & a Gemini astrology general profile

Inside Gemini Greeting Card

Gemini-Zodiac Card Josephine Wall

We can send your gift direct to the recipient with a handwritten card, be it a Birthday or any other kind of occasion.

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1x Bluebird Suncatcher Windchime with Crystal

1x Crystal Rose Quartz Pendant

1x Crystal Howlite & Rose Quartz Bracelet

1x Perfumed Candle in a Tin

1x Gemini Printed Astrology General Profile Scroll

1x Gemini Zodiac Card - Josephine Wall

We celebrate the Sun arriving in Gemini around the 21st May which is when the Gemini Birthday season starts.  Don't panic we can have your beautifully packaged present dispatched to the recipient the next day, postage takes around 5 days, with a handwritten card designed especially for your favourite Gemini person.
All you will need to do is provide us with your message and their address.  Alternatively we can deliver it to you.


  • Symbolic Tree of Life Silver Jewellery, an emotive gift for someone who adores unusual, ethereal jewellery which tells a story. The Tree of Life is a universal symbol found in many spiritual and mythological traditions around the world. It represents many things, including healing, protection, strength, bounty and beauty. A daringly different piece, quite unlike anything to be found on the high street.
    Rose quartz tree of life pendantThe Rose Quartz crystal meaning is associated with love and happiness and wearing it is a powerful way to connect with the stone’s energy throughout the day and as you radiate with the energy, you will receive it back.



  • Howlite encourages patience and also eliminates rage, pain, and stress. A calming stone, Howlite calms communication, facilitates awareness it can also encourage emotional expression. Howlite is an aid to insomnia, especially when caused by an overactive mind. Formulates ambitions and aids in achieving them. Helps strengthen the memory and stimulates a desire for knowledge.

  • A pretty BLUE BIRD Suncatcher Windchime ethically sourced. H:63.5cm W:12.7cm D:4cm bluebird suncatcher wind chime
  • The Windchime is made from metal, glass and crystal.Tin scented Candle
  • SOY WAX CANDLE in a Tin Scented with Raspberry - 120g

    Soy wax candles are a great eco-friendly alternative to paraffin candles. soy wax candles throw scent beautifully and are better for the planet. Soy candles also burn 30-50% longer and do not contain the toxins that paraffin candles have. Our 100% all-natural candles produce 95% less soot too!

    All of our candles use natural products and are not tested on animals meaning they are vegan. They are made with natural soy wax and a blend of and high quality perfume oils. The wicks are made from paraffin wax and cotton. These candles burn up to 23 hours.

Purchase Gemini Gift & Greetings Card £29.99
UK postage included ( or choose international postage )


The sign of Gemini transits from around May 21st to June 20th, it is the third sign of the Zodiac wheel. It is influenced by its special relationship with the planet mercury and is represented by the astrological Twins. The element of nature, corresponding to Gemini is the air. Volatile, transparent and unpredictable. Individuals born under the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are rational, logical, intellectual, extroverted, agile, and eloquent. They need to flow freely like the wind. They assess reality from the heights of the mind.

Here are some revealing traits of TAURUS that explains them perfectly.

A BUTTERFLY - Gemini is like a butterfly flying from flower to flower, wanting to meet everyone, learn everything so that no stone is on turn. The Gemini twins are often portrayed as being like young children. And the curiosity of the youthful mind that is often reckless and impertinent often describes the Gemini temperament, restless, roaming and innocent nature of the mind. Always seeking to explore uncharted areas and to be constantly stimulated. Taking nothing too seriously, or at least doesn't dwell long on anything too heavy, much like the innocent child.

A GREAT ENTERTAINING FRIEND NEVER BORING - It's that childlike and restless curiosity that helps make Gemini a great entertaining friend. But not a very conventional spouse, even at their worst, they are never boring. There is usually playfulness below the surface. They can be a brilliant conversationalist.

PHYSICALLY ENERGETIC - Physically Geminis are energetic, mentally highly strung, consequently, often thin in their early years and very hyper.

QUICK LEARNER AND MENTAL DEXTERITY - Most Geminis have a keen quick and often brilliant intelligence and you love mental challenges, but their concentration though intense for a while may not last. Your mental agility and energy gives them a ferocious appetite for knowledge, though they often dislike too much routine and discipline needed in an orthodox education. They are certainly a quick learner with almost everything requiring intelligence and mental dexterity.

A TALENT WITH THEIR HANDS - Gemini’s are also able to combine this ability with manual skills, giving you the potential for talent with their hands, that takes a great deal of mental concentration, such as playing an instrument to surgery, or even to building and repairing machinery or computers.

ANALYTICAL - Their intellect is very analytical and this can give them the ability to quickly discern all sides of a situation, but it also makes it difficult for them to make up their mind. When faced with problems to solve they will often just pick up the phone and ask everyone else they know, for their input in the situation.

AFFECTIONATE AND KIND - They can certainly be affectionate, kind, generous and thoughtful towards others, and know how to use their sparkling personality to get their own way. Your versatility can make you very adaptable, adjusting themselves to control the world around them by means of your ingenuity and cleverness. They do have a side that can get quite involved emotionally, but the other side is against any type of sentimentality. Gemini’s are also so much in their head analyzing their emotions that they could become a great psychologist for others, but for themself, they keep vacillating from their heart to their head, a little challenging for them.

Creatively Gemini’s do best with words, but also their hands. So many of them possess a talent for design, craftsmanship, haircutting, and sculpture. But their great talent is writing, speaking, selling, teaching, or acting. Gemini’s restless mental nature makes them a natural for being alone and writing for hours, which enables them to focus their brilliant mind, which in turn calms them down. Gemini’s need to keep their mind focused on a creative outlet to stay centered and on the path towards financial success.

MAKE GOOD SCIENTISTS  - Because they are detached, logical, rational, and analytical they also make good scientists their personality can produce much versatility being under the influence of mercury.

Being childlike, life is a game that must always be full of fresh moves and continuous entertainment, free of labour and routine. Gemini’s are also known as the magician and their incredible minds can come up with solutions as if pulled out of a hat that can help others see life's problems in a whole new light. Not only do the twins entertain us and keep us mentally alive, but they come up with original ideas that can light up the world. They may be a handful, but genius is never simple.

   >>> This is a taster of what is on the Gemini Astrology Profile Scroll which is 3 x A4 in length.

Gemini Zodiac card by Josephine Wall

Gemini Zodiac card by Josephine Wall including inside and envelope.

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