Astrology, our relationship with the stars

We share a connection with the stars and the planets and with all creation, your individual manifestations of the subtle oneness. Since the beginning of time, man has turned to the sky for answers concerning that connection, knowing that the sky provides the clues to know our real self.  Astrology studies the stars as an external reference to human nature, as above, so below.

The basic instrument of astrology is the Zodiac, a symbolic elliptical belt made up of 12 signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

The basic tool for our astrological understanding is our unique natal chart. Our natal chart is the mirror of our inner celestial space. It is the map of the sky with respect to the earth at the moment of our birth. As in the solar system, the sun is the central element, so too the sign in which this celestial body is, at the moment of our arrival to this life, is our solar sign. It is the reflection of the central energy of our being.

The solar sign symbolizes the basic traits of your psyche. It reflects your inner urges, your approach to life. It indicates the way you tend to express your talents. It reveals the way you are prone to handle your fears and limitations.

The first four of the Sun signs, Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer are symbolically intended to establish the formative basis of a new individuality. Aries, the fiery pioneer, ‘I am’ sign, signals the beginning of a new life cycle. Taurus, the earth ‘I have and I build’ sign, provides the energy to construct the stability needed to move on the life adventure. Gemini, the airy, ‘I think’ sign, offers a mental and communicative approach to life. Then the aquatic and private Cancer the ‘I feel’ sign, confronts the individual with his roots and introduces him for the first time into the emotional realm.

After this first step of an identity confirmation comes the second fire sign Leo's time. It is this sign's turn to shine as a reaction to the domesticity of Cancer. Leo, the joyful, generous and creative, ‘I want’ sign, takes the stage. Convinced that being, having, thinking, and feeling is more than enough to seize the world. The self-confident natives of Leo invest their energies into being successful and amazing others. Then it's the second earth sign Virgo’s turn, the ‘I analyze and I serve’ sign. It is the time to leave behind Leo special effects. People born under Virgo’s influence with the experience of the previous signs, realize that life goes beyond personal satisfaction and they begin to feel an honest concern to serve others.

Arriving at the upper half of the Zodiac, we find the second air sign Libra. This ‘we are’ sign, represents the development of the perception of the other, and the joy of being in social company. It is the astrological representation of justice and balance. Next, there is the second water sign Scorpio, the mysterious ‘I desire‘ sign, that prods people to explore their inner depths, to find security and power.

Then the three maturing signs that signal the expansion of individual understanding into social and humanitarian consciousness. Sagittarius the, ‘I believe‘ third fire sign, strives to integrate within a larger framework with all the experience and knowledge gathered through the previous signs. Capricorn the ‘I can, I am responsible‘, third earth sign, embodies the achieving of goals and public recognition. Aquarius, ‘I know‘, idealistic third air sign, questions, material accomplishments, and promotes innovations for the benefit of humanity as a whole.

And so Pisces comes to the fore as it changes the Aquarium interest for general humanity, to love and compassion for each and every human being.  Pisces is the ‘I Love’ sign. Pisceans are the most compassionate and loving people of the zodiac. The element from nature corresponding to Pisces is water the source of life.