Aquarius Gift Box and card

A beautifully boxed gift especially created with Aquarius in mind. Aquarius is an air sign ruled by Uranus & Saturn, so what would make a better present than the stunning Turquenite Hamsa Power Bracelet, a beautiful Amethyst Hamsa Power Bracelet & a Crystal Ruby in Zoisite Pendant, plus a Aquarius astrology general profile.

Inside Aquarius Greeting Card


We can send your gift direct to the recipient with a handwritten card, be it a Birthday or any other kind of occasion.

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1x Crystal Turquenite Hamsa Power Bracelet

1x Crystal Amethyst Hamsa Power Bracelet

1x Crystal Ruby in Zoisite Pendant (without chain).

1x Soybean Jasmine Perfumed candle

1x Aquarius Printed Astrology General Profile Scroll

1x Aquarius Zodiac Card - Josephine Wall

We celebrate the Sun arriving in Aquarius around the 20th January which is when the Aquarius Birthday season starts.  Don't panic we can have your beautifully packaged present dispatched to the recipient the next day, postage takes around 5 days, with a handwritten card designed especially for your favourite Aquarius person.
All you will need to do is provide us with your message and their address.  Alternatively, we can deliver it to you.

  • INCLUDED IN THE GIFT:- A TURQUENITE HAMSA POWER BRACELET - This beautiful bracelet will look lovely with any outfit. And not only that but Turquenite is from The Chrysalis Stone Howlite that is dyed blue to resemble turquoise. It balances and evens out mood fluctuations and brings inner peace. Turquenite decreases, selfishness, stress, pain, and rudeness. Turquenite increases subtlety and tact. It helps bones, teeth, calcium levels and leg cramps. Turquenite POWER bracelet

  • A CRYSTAL AMETHYST HAMSA POWER BRACELET - Amethyst is believed to enhance memory and improve motivation, Amethyst makes you able to achieve more realistic goals in life. 
    It is said to have health benefits such as such as being able to help modulate sleep patterns and also helping to improve mood.

Amethyst POWER bracelet

  • A CRYSTAL RUBY IN ZOISITE PENDANT - A Crystal Ruby in Zoisite Pendant (without chain). An information card about the crystal is also included.

    Ruby-in-Zoisite-Heart-Pendant Ruby in Zoisite – also known as Anyolite, earthy green colour stone with pink and red highlight. This stone will help you to maintain your individuality, it transmutes negative energy into the positive, prevents the mood swings. Ruby Zoiste Stone can keep you from being lazy and can help you get back your creativity. It also enhances the trust in yourself and the universe. Ruby Zoisite is a powerful heart stone, activating the Heart chakra. It protects against the loss of heart energy, heals and balances emotions, stimulates loving emotions. It can help you with an expression of love.

  • This Jasmine soybean candle is presented in a glass jar with a cork lid. Burning time approx 20 Hrs.

jasmine candle

Purchase Aquarius Gift & Greetings Card £29.99
UK postage included (or choose international postage)


The sign of Aquarius transits from January 20th to February 18th, it is the 11th sign of the Zodiac wheel. Your solar sign symbolizes the basic traits of your psyche. It reflects your inner urges, your approach to life, the way you tend to express your talents. It reveals the way you are prone to handle your fears and limitations. Aquarius's nature is shaped by its position on the Zodiac wheel. It is also influenced by its element, Air, the presence of the astrological Water Bearer, and by its special relationship with the planet Uranus and Saturn. 

Here are some revealing traits of AQUARIUS that explains them perfectly

The symbol associated with Aquarius is the water bearer. But it is the container not the contents. The water bearer is symbolic of the gods, nourishing the earth with life-giving energies. This can lead people to assume that Aquarius is a water sign, but it is in actual fact an air sign, and there lends an indication as to why people find it hard to understand Aquarians as they are known to be the most eccentric of the zodiac signs.  The three water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are emotional people, Aquarians are more intellectually motivated being an air sign and has the quality of mental freedom and intellectual analysis, needing plenty of personal space. Aquarians are usually clever and can even sometimes be at genius level, but they live in their heads and rarely from an emotional heart.


The element of nature, corresponding to Aquarius is the air. Volatile, transparent and unpredictable. Individuals born under the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are rational, logical, intellectual, extroverted, agile, and eloquent. They need to flow freely like the wind. They assess reality from the heights of the mind.


Aquarians are the vessel for spreading information. They are the scientific, technological future thinkers.  Often several years ahead of their time, and others viewpoints, they spout innovative ideas, and therefore to most people, appear eccentric, quirky, free-spirited, rebellious, but brilliant. The phrase to describe Aquarius is ‘I know', and they do know just about everything. Sometimes you may come across a young arrogant self-righteous Aquarian who hasn’t yet matured and thinks he knows everything, but you will not be able to persuade him that he may be wrong.

The downside of being able to tap into the future continually is that they are never in the present which can perhaps give them problems in areas like their personal relationships.


Aquarians are very socially friendly, charming, and outgoing, and they love helping others and going on crusades for the betterment of mankind. But they do not make friends easily, even though their sign ironically rules the domain of friendships. The main problem is that their head lives in the future of ideas and not in the present.  So even though they are good communicators they have a detached and non-emotional attitude.


In love relationships, they need to establish a friendship first and will always need to retain their individuality, and having their own free space and time is essential. But they can once they have decided on a partner be very loyal and faithful for life, sacrificing everything, and will expect nothing less from their partner, though these high ideals that they demand can then be the cause of problems.

>>> This is a taster of what is on the Aquarius Astrology Profile Scroll which is 3 x A4 in length.

Aquarius card

Aquarius Zodiac card by Josephine Wall, including inside, and envelope.

eco packagingeco packaging

Purchase Aquarius Gift & Greetings Card £29.99
UK postage included (or choose international postage)