The Spellbox Gift Box

What we're about!  Bringing people together by enacting old mystical Spells & Rituals to unite us in one mind.  To enhance your experience of these timeless rituals we have curated our Spellboxes with a Magical Wicca, Pagan Gift for you and your friends, and by sharing in an online video group experience, connect us with the earth and make the magic work. Spellbox makes a beautiful gift too!!

Our recent addition is a New Growth/Fertility & New Beginnings Gift box with a live online Ritual for you to join in. Double the power of your New Growth/Fertility & New Beginnings Spell at Beltane. Even though we can't get together this year, we can still all join in on our own online event and have fun, because that is what these celebrations are all about.

As a Gift just £29.99 Or Subscribe £29.99 for

every 6 Weeks to ensure you don't miss out.

There are 8 Events in The Wheel Of The Year.

FREE UK P&P Tracked. (International P&P £5)

Every earthly creature strives toward something - To Live A Magical Life!

Beltane MayDay Spell

Aries astrology gift


Wheel of the Year Solar Events

The Wheel of the Year Solar Events

Subscription Box Every Six Weeks

Spellbox Gifts, Subscriptions & Live Events

Each event your box will feature tools needed for the spells, such as crystals, aromatherapy, incense, jewellery, wall hangings, ornaments, tarot, astrology and basic rituals. Contents and supplies are handpicked to help create and maintain a practice & atmosphere that fits each event be it a one off participation or a regular treat. A limited number of boxes only will be made of each kind.

As a bonus, you can join in the circle at event time via online video and enhance your life with our ritual with the knowledge you are adding gravity to the spell with like minded people. To enhance your experience of these timeless events we have curated our Spellboxes for you and your friends.

They will make an ideal gift, or a treat for your own spiritual self. Cancel at anytime! In other words make a one off purchase or subscribe for a discount.  If for a gift you can add your special message to your friend as you purchase your gift, this will be handwritten on a card insert. If you include their email address an invitation will be emailed to them if they wish to attend the live online video event.

Spellbox will contain 5-10 items to help focus your thoughts and energy on the event featured. Included, a detailed insert of the event with instructions or meditations on how you can join in with the Circle at ritual time.

What's involved with the subscription plan


This offering features tools needed for the spells and basic rituals. Contents and supplies are handpicked to help create and maintain a practice that fits each event.
Subscriptions are £29.99 every 6 weeks, UK postage included (international deliveries £5). You’re not tied into a contract, and can cancel your subscription or skip boxes easily. A one off gift is £29.99.


Choose our 6 weekly subscription plan for Solstices & Equinox's Wheel of the Year, so you don't miss out. Only a limited number of boxes available.

Or one off gift to your friends and loved ones. Add your own message.

You can cancel at Anytime.


Receive your Spellbox for you or your chosen favourite person.

At the specific event time join in on the video link if you so wish, for a group presentation of the ritual.

You can cancel at Anytime.

Fairy Tarot Cards - Radleigh Valentine

Radleigh Valentine - SPECIAL OFFER

UK Postage Free - International £5

Stonehenge oil burner - circle of stones

(Circle of Stones) - Available here

UK Postage Free - International £5

Wooden Pentagram

White Washed Hanging Available here

UK Postage Free - International £5